Everything Web & Computer Training

Computers, tablets, phones, the internet and technology can be intimidating and frustrating if you’re not used to it or have never been shown how it works. WebMatters can show you how to set up and properly use your PC, tablet or mobile phone.


Navagating the internet confusing?

Do you need help navagating the internet? Want to be able to learn how to connect to your family online with Zoom or Facebook? We show you how while providing tips regarding your online safety.

Do you need help using technology?

Can your children or grandchildren use your phone, laptop or TV better than you can? Are you stumped when you have problems and they don't have the time or live close?

Confused about Electronics?

We take the confusion out of computers and electronics, providing our services at your pace.

Do your parents need help? Living far away?

We help your loved ones patiently resolve a variety of modern day problems like; how to utilise online shopping, provide training on a new devices, setup the must-have Apps on their mobile phones, zoom meetings, Facebook training or even help transition to a new tablet or PC.

Smart phones?

We can help migrate to new phones or tablets. Setup much needed Apps and provide training on your phone or tablet and provide suggestions to safe online while being productive.

More Confusing Electronics

Help setup your home computer, printer, and help configure various other devices correctly. Modems, WiFi, and other confusing electronics like Netflix, Amazon &  Apple TV.

Do you have a hard time logging in to websites or remembering your passwords?

Help setup usernames and passwords for your online logins and create an easy yet secured way for you to find them.

Technology Curious?

 We take the confusion out of computers and electronics, providing informal computer training for the technologically curious as one of our many services! Or if you’re just not sure about techy stuff we’ll just get it all done for you and explain how to use it.

Need peace of mind?

WebMatter's has years of experience and patience so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Because we are fully transparent with the work we do, you can have all your questions answered and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Senior Discounts

We offer discounts to Seniors and understand the frustration faced with learning any sort of technology.


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